Blog News: Help wanted, Elo update

Hello all!

First up, some blog related news. I’m looking for help.

When I first started The Half Flip back in June, I did so because felt that there was a severe lack of written coverage about Rocket League (and I had a lot of free time on my hands). Sure, features at Red Bull, ESPN, and a variety of other sites provided some in-depth information, but there was no consistent coverage; no game previews, no game recaps, no (written) in-depth analysis.

As the school year has progressed (college student-athlete with a part-time job!), I’ve noticed that I’ve had less and less free time on my hands, and providing consistent coverage has proven quite difficult. So, for the next couple of months or so, The Half Flip will be playing a secondary role in my day-to-day activities. If I have time to write an article, great! If not, then it’s not the end of the world.

As such, I’m reaching out to the community – if you’re interested in writing about Rocket League esports, reach out! The Half Flip has already posted a number of guest posts courtesy of RixBT, and I’m open to the idea of adding more writers to the website. I’m also interested in hearing from anyone interested in doing ANYTHING related to The Half Flip, whether it be running the Twitter count, or helping with CSS, or helping to make the Elo ratings more accessible. Literally any help is appreciated – I just want The Half Flip to be the go-to place for Rocket League Esports coverage. You can reach out to me on Twitter, @shane1342o or @thehalfflip. You can also use the “Contact Us” page located here on the blog.

Next up, I’ve made a slight change in the display of Elo ratings. Players who have not played in a major tournament (to put it another way, players who have not appeared in the dataset) at least once over the past six months will not be shown. This is just a small change that will make sure only accurate and relevant data is accessible to you through the Player Ratings page.