First 32 European teams qualify for RLCS play-in

The first European Open Qualifier for the fourth season of Psyonix’s Rocket League Championship Series went about as expected, as teams with big name players breezed past the competition and advanced to the next round of qualifications. Notable names among the teams that qualified today are Gale Force Esports, The Leftovers, Mock-it Esports, Frontline, Excel, Aeriality, The Juicy Kids, and Inspiration.  All of the teams mentioned have a realistic shot at qualifying for the RLCS, and they’ve completed the first step of that journey in the first weekend of qualifying.

The full list of qualified teams can be found here.

With the Top 32 from Qualifier One set in stone, these teams will now wait until the rest of the play-in pool is determined. For a further breakdown of how the qualifying process works, check out this diagram by @CloudFuel.

The schedule for the remaining open qualifiers can be found here.