Introducing “The Half Flip”

Welcome to The Half Flip – a blog dedicated to covering the Rocket League pro scene. Rocket League has become one of the most played video games worldwide, with Forbes reporting back in January that the boost-powered soccar game developed by Psyonix Inc. passed the 25 million player threshold.

The competitive Rocket League scene truly kicked off back in April of 2016, with the introduction of the Rocket League Championship Series. Organized by Psyonix, the RLCS has helped push Rocket League to its status as an esport, with more competitions and tournaments such as the X-Games Invitational and the NBC sponsored Universal Open further Rocket League’s status as one of the world’s most popular esports, with plenty of room for growth.

Going forward, we’ll be providing news coverage of the competitive scene, player interviews, analysis, and a variety of other topics, so be sure to subscribe and follow us on Twitter. RLCS Season Four kicks off with open qualifiers tomorrow, and with the introduction of a relegation system (the Rocket League Rivalry Series), this is going to be the biggest season yet.