Previewing the European RLCS Season 4 Open Qualifier

Yesterday it was North America; today, it’s Europe. With the RLCS Season 4 Open Qualifiers kicking off today, here’s a look at the top European teams according to our Elo ratings.

Overall RankingRegion RankingTeam Elo RatingTeamRegionPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
111787.3Gale Force EsportsEUTurbopolsaKaydopViolentPanda
221757.8Team EnVyUsEUremkoeDeevogReazymeister
531735.9Mock-it EsportsEUpaschy90Fairy PeakFreakii
641721.7FlipSid3 TacticsEUMarkydoodaKuxir97miztik
851636.3The LeftoversEUSikiiSnaskiMaestro
1281567.0The Juicy KidsEUkillerno7StockicoKaaa
19111540.5Washing MachinesEUmye_bipod_4shorSeeksSpoonie
20121528.6Supersonic AvengersEUELMPKilEakPauliePaulNL
30171475.5CytonsEURivalo NeroChapmeisterclaus
31181468.4Epsilon EsportsEUAlex161DataReepex
32191466.6Copenhagen FlamesEUHankfruityBaekke
34211456.6All The RageEUStingCartoonBatOu
40241435.5Survivors BlackEUZneedtvZidroxZixter
42251432.7Sugar Coated SourEUBicycleThiefBananaManItsPureLogic

FlipSid3 Tactics and Team EnVyUs received auto-qualification bids after Season 3 (FlipSid3 finished as one of the top-two teams in Europe, while Team EnVyUs won the Season 3 championship), but the six remaining RLCS spots are up for grabs.

This is because Mock-it Esports, who won the European Regional Finals last season, lost their auto-qualification bid due to the fact that Fairy Peak, Kaydop, and Miztik all ended up on separate teams – two/thirds of the team needed to stay together in order for their spot to be reserved.

Mock-it is still expected to qualify, as Paschy90 makes his return to the organization. Long considered one of the best players in the game, Paschy looks to join forces with Fairy Peak and FreaKii – if they can keep playing like they did at the Nvidia Best Buddies Tournament, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

Mock-it isn’t the top dog in Europe, however, as Gale Force Esports has taken over the scene since their formation. The deadly trio of Kaydop, ViolentPanda, and Turbopolsa has been unstoppable recently, finishing first or second in every tournament they played in this summer.

The battle for the remaining RLCS spots will be intense, with The Leftovers (and new recruit Maestro) and Team Method both expected to qualify, according to the rating model. Frontline, led by Ferra (last season’s de-facto “rookie of the year”), are a favorite to qualify for as well, and the rating model expects The Juicy Kids to round out the top-8. Still, don’t be surprised if Excel, Aeriality, or Washing Machines make a run, and bump one of those teams out of an RLCS spot.

The European scene is much deeper than the North American scene, and it wouldn’t at all be surprising to see a good bubble team such as Inspiration or Endpoint miss out on the Rocket League Rivalry Series; there are enough good teams in Europe that finishing as one of the top-16 teams is going to be a challenge for a lot of teams, no matter how much talent is on the roster.

The Elo ratings don’t even include Europe’s biggest dark horse team, either. The All British Except for Flarke Rejects, which consists of Doomsee, Flarke, and Florus, could definitely make some noise in qualifiers – Florus is an unknown to the rating system, but Doomsee is considered the 24th best player in the world, and Flarke comes in at a respectable 86th. If Florus can hold his own, don’t be surprised to see Doomsee and Co. qualify for the Rivalry Series.

Bracket play of Europe’s first qualifier starts today, August 13th, at 10AM UTC. The broadcast will start about two hours afterwards over at Pro Rivalry. For more information on the bracket and schedule, please visit the official RLCS website.