Recapping Week Three of the Rocket League Rivals Series

Rocket League Rivals Series action continued this week, as North American and European teams continued in their quest to advance into the Rocket League Championship Series. Both regions showcased some high level Rocket League; here’s a breakdown of the action.

(Note: Clicking on the team names and score (the heading for each section) will take you to the Parallel recap for each series. Parallel is a statistics website run by @Slokh_, and is an invaluable resource for anyone looking for RLCS/RLRS statistics.)


Supersonic Avengers (3) vs. ExRay (0)

The Supersonic Avengers kicked off the weekend with a sweep of ExRay, though every game in the series was close. EyeIgnite didn’t play for ExRay in this series, and his absence was felt. Though Tizz performed admirably, the team wasn’t able to pick up the victory.

Shikuni, on the other hand, is starting to make his case as one of the stronger players in the RLRS. He ranks 7th in the European Rivals Series in average score per game, while racking up 46.7 percent of his team’s saves (the highest total in Europe). His defensive prowess has kept the Supersonic Avengers in every series they’ve played so far, and helped carry them to victory over ExRay. He’ll be a player to watch going forward.

Most Wanted (3) vs. Golden Hawks (1)


Most Wanted put on quite the defensive display in their series against the Golden Hawks, holding their opponents to just three goals in four games. Dadooh was huge in the series, finishing with a 100 percent goal participation and eight saves.

Team Endpoint (3) vs. ExRay (1)

EyeIgnite may have been excellent in his return to action, but Team Endpoint still proved to be too much for ExRay. Endpoint may have picked up the victory in the series, but the two teams were actually even in goals scored – Endpoint was more consistent, and it resulted in the 3-1 series victory.

Inspiration (3) vs. Supersonic Avengers (2)

The Supersonic Avengers may have dominated the series in terms of shots, out-shooting their opponents 44-30, but strong defensive performances from Lauty and Flakes (and some poor shooting) kept them from picking up the victory in the series. Lauty was excellent in the final two games of the series, scoring all three of his team’s goals and finishing with six saves in the final two games alone.

North America

Out of Style (3) vs. Ambition Esports (2)

Ambition Esports put up quite the fight against Out of Style, pushing their opponents to a game five and outshooting them 44-37 over the course of the series. At the end of the day, though, JSTN was simply too good to contain, as he scored seven goals in a series where the rest of the players combined scored just 10. He definitely deserves MVP of the series, and, as always, his offensive explosion was simply a treat to watch.

Kinematics (3) vs. Incognito (2)

This series was incredibly close, but at the end of the day, the offensive onslaught from Kinematics was simply too much for Incognito to handle. Laz, Nomad, and Pepper each finished with 10 or more shots, as they outshot Incognito 44-37. Nomad finished with four goals and four assists in the series, making him the difference maker in the series.

Hollywood Hammers (3) vs. Ambition Esports (0)

The newly signed Hollywood Hammers roster (formerly Set To Destroy X) had a strong showing against Ambition, outshooting them 26-18 and outscoring them 8-5. Each game was only decided by one goal, but Hollywood Hammers won every game, proving they really are the better team.

Out of Style (3) vs. Kinematics (1)

Once again, JSTN was the difference maker in a series he played in. His six goals and four assists give him ten total points in four games, while the next closest player (EPICJonny) had just six points.

It’s starting to look like he’ll win the MVP award this season, especially if Out of Style can upset Hollywood Hammers and find a way to finish in the top two.