European Championship Series Week One: Frontline and Method start undefeated

The most anticipated season of the Rocket League Championship Series is finally here, as the North America region kicked off its season with an exciting day of matches. Coming after the Rivals Series made its debut and the North American Championship Series kicked off its first day of action, the European Championship Series finally began, delivering a full day of exciting Rocket League. Here’s a breakdown of the action. (Note: Clicking on the team names and score (the heading for each section) will take you to the Parallel recap for each series. Parallel is a statistics website run by @Slokh_, and is an invaluable resource for anyone looking for RLCS/RLRS statistics.)

Method (3) vs. Aeriality (1) 

Method struggled in the earlier half of this series, but still managed to come away with the win after a strong performance from al0t. The Swedish player really shined in game three, where he scored two goals in the final two minutes of the game to force overtime, and then eliminated the goalie and freed up Metsanauris to slam home the game winning goal.

Mognus also had a great series, piling on 16 shots, scoring four goals, and adding three assists.

At the end of the series, the statistics were heavily tilted in Method’s favor – they outshot Aeriality 41-22, and kept their opponents from getting anything going offensively.

Frontline (3) vs. Gale Force Esports (2)

Last season, The Leftovers shocked the European scene in week one, reverse sweeping both Northern Gaming and FlipSid3 Tactics to put themselves atop the league standings right from the start. Ferra was a huge part of those upsets, as his goal scoring prowess helped carried the team to victory (and gave us one of the greatest highlight clips in the history of the RLCS).

Today, Ferra yet again helped propel his team to massive upsets in the first week of the season, as Frontline beat Gale Force Esports and Mock-it Esports in two close and exciting five game series. Ferra, always a clutch player, scored four game-five goals in both series, as Frontline took a 2-0 victory over Gale Force in the first game five, and a 3-2 victory over Mock-it in the second.

Overall, every player on Frontline looked great, with Bluey showing off his incredible skill, Chausette showing the ability to read the play in front of him, and Ferra being as clutch as ever. In their first series of the day, Frontline actually outshot Gale Force 44-43, an impressive accomplishment for Europe’s newest elite team.

Chausette really impressed against Gale Force as the rotational foundation for Frontline. He let his teammates make plays, rotated to where he was needed, and then made the best play possible given his present situation. Though he wasn’t incredibly flashy, he was always at the right place at the right time, and it showed on the scoreboard; Chausette scored 6 goals, added an assist, and made 11 saves, averaging an impressive 315 score per game. The best example of his impeccable positioning was in the team’s incredible game two comeback – his timing to finish off this play simply couldn’t have been better.

Bluey was Bluey, pulling off insane plays and contributing a ton to the offense; two goals and four assists are impressive totals against Gale Force. He also had two key bumps that should have counted as de-facto assists, including this insane mid-air bump on Kaydop.

Bluey also pulled off this clutch cross-field air dribble in game four, showing off his mind-blowing ability to make plays on one of the game’s biggest stages.

Gale Force looked good in this series, making their usual passing plays and looking incredibly threatening for the majority of the match. It’s not as though Gale Force had a bad series; Frontline just played that good.

The key takeaway from this series isn’t that Gale Force is worse than we thought; it’s that Frontline genuinely might be one of the best teams in Europe.

Method (3) vs. Team EnVyUs (0)

Directly after Frontline upset Gale Force, Method pulled off their own upset, taking down last season’s world champions with an impressive 3-0 sweep. Method may have looked a bit weak in their first series against Aeriality, but they looked dominant against Team EnVyUs, allowing just 3 goals over the course of the series while piling in 9 of their own goals, and holding EnVyUs to just an 11 percent shooting percentage.

Mognus in particular was on fire, making 11 saves in just three games, as he almost single-handedly shut the door on EnVyUs, holding remkoe, Deevo, and gReazymeister to just one goal each.

This was definitely not the start EnVyUs wanted for their season, as they’re behind the eight-ball from the get-go, and will have to battle back next week in their matchups with FlipSid3 Tactics and Aeriality.

Method, on the other hand, started off their season in the best way possible, as a 2-0 record places them atop the European standings (along with Frontline). That strong start will definitely help them out going forward, as they’ll only need to pick up one or two more victories in order to (pretty much) clinch a spot in the playoffs, and give themselves a chance at qualifying for the International Finals.

Gale Force Esports (3) vs. Aeriality (1)

Gale Force didn’t look entirely dominant against Aeriality, but they still out-played their opponents, and took home the victory. Overall, Gale Force outshot Aeriality 39-17, as this series ended up shaking out just as expected.

Frontline (3) vs. Mock-it Esports (2)

Remember what we said about Frontline being one of the best teams in Europe? Their performance against Mock-it helped to reinforce that idea, as the team improved to 2-0 with huge victories over Gale Force and Mock-it in the first week of the season.

Chausette was simply incredible yet again, as his 14 saves were crucial in shutting the door on a potent Mock-it attack that looked dangerous in every game of the series. Paschy90 was a lethal offensive threat in all five games, finding the net eight times in the series, and piling 20 total shots on goal.

On the whole, Mock-it actually outshot Frontline 55-41, and out-scored them 14-11, but Frontline still managed to come away with the victory in one of the most exciting series of this young season.

Frontline improved to 2-0, while Mock-it fell to 0-1.

Still, Mock-it looked very impressive, taking the action to Frontline and coming within one goal of beating the team that beat Gale Force earlier in the day. Paschy, FreaKii, and Fairy Peak combined to average 11 shots per game against an opponent that beat the team in the region earlier in the day, and only lost because of a miraculous performance from Chausette. If they keep playing like they did today, they’ll qualify for the International Finals, and might even be a threat to finish as one of the top two teams in Europe this season.