FlyQuest and Ghost debut in week two of North American Championship Series

Last week, the North American Championship Series started out exactly as expected, as every Elo favorite won their series (unlike in Europe, where Frontline and Method started out their seasons with huge upsets).

This week promises to be just as exciting, with key mathcups across the board. Here’s a look at this week’s North American action.

Rogue (1-1) vs. FlyQuest (0-0)

How they did last week: Rogue swept Allegiance (formerly Emotion) and fell to Cloud 9, 1-3. FlyQuest did not play last week.

What Elo predicts: Though Rogue was one of the biggest gainers in team Elo last week, they’re still one of the lowest rated teams in North America’s RLCS pool, and their rating of 1524.0 is outmatched by FlyQuest’s 1631.6. Elo gives FlyQuest a 76.6 percent chance of winning the series.

Player to watch: SadJunior has been at every International Finals, and is playing on a team that has a strong chance at making it to Season 4’s International Finals. He’ll be doing his best to start FlyQuest off on the right foot, making him the player to watch in this series.

NRG Esports (2-0) vs. Ghost Gaming (0-0)

How they did last week: Last week, NRG Esports swept Renegades, and beat Emotion, 3-1. Ghost Gaming did not play.

What Elo predicts: NRG carries a 1748.4 rating, while Ghost sits at 1591.7. That’s a notable difference, and NRG is given an 85.1 percent chance of winning as a result.

Player to watch: GarrettG was dynamite last week, averaging a full goal per game (tied for third in RLCS) and was second in North America with an average of 325.71 score per game. Look for him to be the difference maker in this series.

Cloud 9 (1-0) vs. Allegiance (0-2)

How they did last week: Cloud 9 took down Rogue, 1-3, while Allegiance (formerly Emotion) fell to Rogue and NRG Esports.

What Elo predicts: Cloud 9 is the highest rated team in North America, boasting a 1753.5 rating. Allegiance, on the other hand, is the lowest rated team in RLCS, with just a 1481.7 rating. Cloud 9 are the massive favorites in this matchup, with a 96.1 percent chance of winning the series – an upset from Allegiance would be quite shocking.

Player to watch: Torment is currently tied with Paschy90 for first in all of RLCS in shots per game, as he averaged four per game last week, for a total of 16. He only scored twice, and he’ll be looking to improve on his 12.5 percent shooting percentage – look for him to be a threat against Allegiance.

NRG Esports (2-0) vs. Rogue (1-1)

How they did last week: NRG Esports took down Renegades and Allegiance (formerly Emotion), while Rogue swept Allegiance and fell to Cloud 9.

What Elo predicts: NRG Esports are noticeable Elo favorites, with their 1748.4 rating being well above Rogue’s rating of 1524.0. This gives NRG a 92.9 percent chance of winning the series.

Player to watch: When he’s on, Matt is one of the most explosive offensive players in all of RLCS. He’s first in North America in goals per game, and third in score per game. If Rogue wants to take down NRG, they’ll need Matt to be on his game.

Cloud 9 (1-0) vs. FlyQuest (0-0)

How they did last week: Cloud 9 beat Rogue, 3-1, and FlyQuest did not play.

What Elo predicts: As mentioned before, Cloud 9 is the highest rated North American team, coming in at 1753.5. FlyQuest sits at 1631.6, which gives Cloud 9 a 79.4 chance of winning.

Player to watch: Though Torment will be the player to watch when Cloud 9 takes on Allegiance (to see if he can find his shooting touch), Gimmick will be the player to watch in this series. He’s Cloud 9’s main goal scorer, and he’s currently fourth in North America in score per game. Look for him to cause problems in FlyQuest’s defense all series.