Rocket League Championship Series: Week Four European Preview

Guest post by RixBT.

Here’s a preview of the week four matchup’s for the European Rocket League Championship Series.

Match 1

FlipSid3 Tactics (1-3) vs exceL (2-1)

  • Last season, FlipSid3 scored 15 goals against the exceL duo, Nielskoek and Zensuz (formerly Cow Nose). It was F3’s best scoring game in League Play, as they averaged 3.75 games per game. All 15 goals were scored by either Markydooda or Kuxir.
  • This season, the situation is completely different for both sides. FlipSid3 is currently the 6th ranked offensive (1.88 gpg), and will face EU’s current top two scorers: Nielskoek (1.20 goals per game) and Zensuz (1.10 goals per game).

Personal prediction: F3 3-1 exceL

Elo prediction: FlipSid3 Tactics (50.3 percent favorites).

Match 2

Mock-it Esports (2-1) vs Method (4-0)

  • After a perfect Week 3 for Mock-it where they just allowed 1.50 goals per game, its their time to face the still unbeaten Method. Both teams feature impressive defensive skills – Mock-it is ranked 2nd in Europe, while Method is ranked 4th, so expect both to try and stop the other’s attack.
  • And if we talk about defenses, each team has their key player for that: Fairy Peak (2.23 saves per game) for Mock-it and Mognus (2.00 saves per game) for Method. Both are in the top five for the Savior of the Season award, and will have to keep the momentum going if they want to take home the award.
  • Since introducing the current League Play format, no team has ever recorded a 5-0 start. Both Method and PSG will look to earn that accolade this week.

Personal prediction: Mock-it 3-2 Method

Elo prediction: The two teams have even ratings – Mock-it stands at 1755.0, while Method is at 1755.1. This is a literal coin flip.

Match 3

exceL (2-1) vs PSG Esports (4-0)

  • Last week, exceL averaged over 3 goals per game after a perfect week sweeping both Team Secret and Team Envy. This week, they will face another powerful offensive in PSG, a duel of the 1st and 2nd ranked offensives.
  • The match will also face current top scorer of the league, exceL’s Nielskoek (1.20 goals per game) against PSG’s top savior Chausette45 (2.35 saves per game). Only one can come out on top, offense or defense?

Personal prediction: PSG 3-2 exceL

Elo prediction: PSG Esports (69.3 percent favorites).

Match 4

FlipSid3 Tactics (1-3) vs Gale Force Esports (2-2)

  • Two teams that, in the eyes of their fans, have been disappointing until now. Interesting to note is that, although they are the only two teams who average less than seven shots against per game, they also are the only teams which average below 4 saves per game.
  • Former Season 3 teammates, FlipSid3’s Miztik and GFE’s Kaydop will be facing each other in the RLCS for the 2nd time. Current record favors Miztik, with a 3-0 game record over his former Mock-it teammate.
  • This match will also face last season’s top 2 strikers: Kuxir97 and Kaydop, both whom averaged 0.94 goals per game. This season both are struggling to find the back of the net, averaging 0.72 gpg (Kaydop) and 0.59 gpg (Kuxir). Can they find their way back to that top spot?

Personal prediction: F3 3-2 GFE

Elo prediction: Gale Force (73 percent favorites).

Match 5

Method (4-0) vs PSG Esports (4-0)

  • The unbeaten teams of Europe could get to this game aiming to be the first team in RLCS history to get a 6-0 record, aiming to beat Northern Gaming last season 6-1 record on the final week.
  • Though Method doesn’t excel in any stat in particular as a team, they base their game in balanced numbers among its members and shot effectiveness, where they rank 2nd in the league (29.9%), closely followed by PSG (29.2%).
  • PSG, on their side, can presume the great individual numbers of its members. PSG currently has one player in each top individual stat for the league: Chausette 3rd in goals per game (1.06) and 1st in saves per game (2.35), while Bluey tops the assists per game table (0.94).

Personal prediction: Method 1-3 PSG

Elo prediction: PSG Esports (56 percent favorites).

Match 6

Gale Force eSports (2-2) vs Mock-it eSports (2-1)

  • The last match of the day will face all three current GFE members against their former organization, Mock-it. All three of ViolentPanda, Kaydop and Turbopolsa have been part of Mock-it at one point in time, though never at the same time (Turbopolsa in Season 1, ViolentPanda in Season 2, and Kaydop in Season 3). On the other side of the coin, Mock-it’s Paschy90 will be facing Gale Force, his organization from Season 3.
  • Former teammates FairyPeak and Kaydop have seen a bit of flip-flopping, as their roles have changed on new teams. In Season 3, Kaydop averaged 2.19 saves per game, which has now gone down to 1.17 saves per game. FairyPeak, on the other side, has went up in the same stat from 1.31 to a 2nd best in the league: 2.23 saves per game.

Personal prediction: GFE 3-2 Mock-it

Elo prediction: Gale Force (60.6 percent favorites).