Rocket League Championship Series: Week Four North American Preview

Guest Post by RixBT.

Here’s a preview of the week four matchup’s for the North American Rocket League Championship Series.

Match 1

FlyQuest (2-2) vs Ghost Gaming (2-1)

  • These wo teams are leveled in almost every stat. A list of FlyQuest’s averages per game: 1.88 goals, 2.25 goals against and a shooting percentage of 24 percent, compared to Ghost’s 1.75 goals, 2.33 goals against per game, and a 24.42 percent shooting percentage.
  • The match will have double former teammates battle. First off, Lethamyr will rencounter with his Denial’s compatriots of last season, SadJunior and CorruptedG. Former Retrposect (S1) and Genesis (S3) members, Chrome and Klassux, will face up too, though they faced already in Season 2 (Klassux leads the series 6 games to 1).

Personal prediction: FlyQuest 2-3 Ghost.

Elo prediction: FlyQuest (56.1 percent favorites).

Match 2

G2 (2-1) vs Rogue (2-2)

  • A duel of offensive squads, this match will have facing the 2nd and 3rd teams with the best goal per game stats (Rogue’s 2.56 vs G2’s 2.33). The only difference in their offense numbers is Rogue’s shot effectiveness, where Rogue leads the league with a 37.61% shooting percentage.
  • With those similar attacking numbers, perhaps the match will be decided by the defense, where G2 averages 1.75 goals against per game, less than Rogue’s 2.13, with similar shots received per game.
  • Last time Matt and Sizz faced G2, an overtime in Game 5 was required. There, G2 forced the OT with 3 goals within the last minute, and a fourth definitive goal just 13 seconds into overtime to complete an entire reverse sweep.

Personal prediction: G2 2-3 Rogue.

Elo prediction: G2 Esports (86.1 percent favorites).

Match 3

Renegades (1-3) vs Ghost Gaming (2-1)

  • Last call for Renegades, who need to start winning, or risk being sent to the Promotion/Relegation bracket instead of the playoffs. Ghost, on the other hand, still controls its destiny, and even could be clinching a playoff spot with a win here and in the previous match against FlyQuest.
  • Neither of these two teams leads an offense or defense statistic, though pressuring the rival will be crucial for any. Renegades is the team who most shots allows against them (9.25 per game), which contrasts with Ghost’s 7.08 shots defended per game.

Personal prediction: Renegades 3-1 Ghost.

Elo prediction: Ghost Gaming (51.9 percent favorites).

Match 4

NRG (3-1) vs FlyQuest (2-2)

  • If last week’s FlyQuest’s SadJunior match against Kronovi is considered a classic rivalry, a new one, against his former KoU/NRG teammates, Jacob and Fireburner could be on the same page. Just one thing: last season NRG swept SadJunior’s team without conceding a goal, outplaying them 22 shots to 7 in three games.
  • If there’s a place where FlyQuest struggles, it’s saving shots from going to their net. Although they only allow 7.06 shots against per game, the team has the lowest percentage of saves per shots received (below 50%). NRG will look into pressuring them with their average 8.00 shots per game.

Personal prediction: NRG 3-0 FlyQuest.

Elo prediction: NRG (71.4 percent favorites).

Match 5

Renegades (1-3) vs Rogue (2-2)

  • The 2nd match of the day for both teams and one they will face knowing more about their future in the RLCS.
  • Moses inclusion replacing Mijo hasn’t been what Renegades was expecting. Mijo’s last season 0.77 goals and 2.63 shots per game contrast with Moses current numbers (0.44 and 2.00 respectively). Last week, Moses scored just 2 goals in 9 games (out of the 19 total of his team). Time for a change?
  • Rogue will be testing their shot effectiveness (37.61 percent) against a Renegades defense which averages almost 10 goals against per series (2nd most in league).

Personal prediction: Renegades 1-3 Rogue

Elo prediction: Renegades (63.5 percent favorites).

Match 6

NRG (3-1) vs G2 (2-1)

  • If we’re talking about rivalries, G2 Kronovi’s against Fireburner & Jacob is certainly a top one. Facing each other since Season 1, the NRG duo lead the series 3-2 (13-11 in games), and further more, Kronovi has failed to beat them since the Qualifier 1 of Season 1.
  • Both NRG and G2 offensives tie in goals scored per game (2.33), shots per game (8.00) and a similar assists per goal ratio (0.75 for G2, 0.66 for NRG).
  • If something has changed from last season’s G2 it would be getting themselves more balanced numbers. On Season 3, Kronovi averaged almost 0.5 goals per game than Rizzo, but at the same time recording 1 less save per game. Now, differences aren’t that big (e.g. 0.08 in goals pg), and the team will try to keep it that way.

Personal prediction: NRG 2-3 G2.

Elo prediction: NRG (53.7 percent favorites).