Recapping Week Three of the Rocket League Championship Series

Rocket League Championship Series action continued this week, as North American and European teams continued in their quest to take home the season four world championship. Both regions showcased some high level Rocket League; here’s a breakdown of the action.

(Note: Clicking on the team names and score (the heading for each section) will take you to the Parallel recap for each series. Parallel is a statistics website run by @Slokh_, and is an invaluable resource for anyone looking for RLCS/RLRS statistics.)

North America

Renegades (3) vs. Allegiance (2)

Renegades has been struggling this season, and Allegiance took full advantage of this fact, pushing them to five games and almost picking up their first victory of the season. TyNotTyler was a phenomenal playmaker in the series, averaging two assists per game and finishing with ten assists – there wasn’t a single game that he didn’t pick up an assist. Unfortunately, the series ended in heartbreak, as Allegiance really couldn’t have come closer to tying game five in the final seconds and forcing overtime. Instead, Allushin’s last second shot careened off the post, and Allegiance fell to 0-4.

Cloud 9 (3) vs. Ghost Gaming (0)

Lethamyr was unable to play for Ghost Gaming due to internet issues, and Cloud 9 took full advantage of his absence. Gimmick was spectacular again, with three goals and seven assists in just three games, as Cloud 9 improved to 4-0 with their 3-0 sweep over Ghost.

FlyQuest (3) vs. G2 Esports (1)

G2 Esports had the most “G2 Esports” weekend possible, as they lost to FlyQuest (a team they were expected to beat!) in their first series in the day, but went on to beat Cloud 9 (a team they were probably expected to lose to!). In their first series against FlyQuest, they struggled to shut down FlyQuest offensively, particularly CorruptedG, who picked up five goals and added two assists over the course of the series.

Ghost Gaming (3) vs. Allegiance (2)

Lethamyr’s absence for the first four games of this series almost helped Allegiance pick up the win, but his return for game five ended up being the difference. Allegiance put up one heck of a fight, almost managing to pick up their first victory of the season for the second straight season, but yet again they fell short.

FlyQuest (3) vs. Renegades (1)

The struggles of Renegades continued in their matchup against FlyQuest, as Chrome and CorruptedG combined for 33 shots in the series, taking over the series and carrying their team to victory.

G2 Esports (3) vs. Cloud 9 (1)

After a rough series against FlyQuest, G2 Esports bounced back with a convincing win over Cloud 9, who was previously undefeated up to that point. JKnaps and Rizzo were excellent, each averaging over 300 score per game.


PSG Esports (3) vs. Team Secret (0)

PSG Esports absolutely crushed Team Secret, outshooting them 33-20 and outscoring them 14-3. There was no doubt about which team was better at the end of this three game sweep.

exceL Esports (3) vs. Team EnVyUs (0)

In one of the most surprising upsets this season, exceL Esports swept Team EnVyUs, beating the defending world champions in convincing fashion to pick up their first win of the season. EnVyUs also lost to Mock-it later in the day, dropping them to 1-4, a record that has them in seventh place. With matchups against PSG Esports and Gale Force Esports still to come, there’s a decent chance that EnVyUs finishes 1-6, finds themselves out of the postseason, and stuck playing in a relegation playoff to keep their spot in the RLCS for next season.

Mock-it Esports (3) vs. FlipSid3 Tactics (1)

In the newest edition of the Mock-it Esports vs. FlipSid3 Tactics rivalry, Mock-it Esports ended up victorious, picking up a 3-1 victory over the former world champions. Fairy Peak and FreaKii were phenomenal, picking up eight points each and combining for 25 total shots.

exceL Esports (3) vs. Team Secret (0)

exceL picked up right where they left off, as their sweep over EnVyUs carried them right into a sweep over Team Secret. Nielskoek was particularly dominant, with seven goals and three assists in just three games. With the win, exceL improved to 2-1, giving them a real chance at qualifying for the playoffs, and possibly making it to the International Finals.

PSG Esports (3) vs. FlipSid3 Tactics (1)

FlipSid3 may have picked up the first win in the series, but it was all PSG after that, as the newcomers won three straight games and improved to 4-0 on the season. Chausette45 had yet another excellent series, averaging over 300 score per game (more than 70 than the next closest player), scoring four goals, and adding nine saves.

Mock-it Esports (3) vs. Team EnVyUs (1)

In one of the more shot-heavy series in recent memory, Mock-it Esports managed to weather the Team EnVyUs storm and improve to 3-1. Defense was the key for Mock-it, as both Fairy Peak and FreaKii finished with over 10 saves, holding EnVyUs to just seven goals, despite the fact that gReazymeister, remkoe, and Deevo combined for 43 shots on goal.

With games three and four going to overtime, the defensive performances from Mock-it really were the difference maker in the series. Fairy Peak also proved to be the clutch performer of the series, scoring back-to-back game winning overtime goals to close out Mock-it’s win.