Final weekend of Rivals Series will determine playoff teams

The biggest change to the Rocket League Championship Series for Season Four was the addition of the Rivals Series, a second-tier league where good teams that didn’t qualify for the RLCS could play Rocket League at a high-level, improve, and potentially qualify for the fifth season of the Championship Series.

Eight teams originally qualified for the RLRS, but after four exciting weeks of action, the standings in each region are all but finalized. The best team in each region has all but clinched first place (in North America, Fibeon sits at 6-0 with an 83 percent chance of finishing first, while in Europe, The Leftovers are 6-0 and have already clinched first place), and each region has a heated battle lined up for second place (in North America, Hollywood Hammers and Out of Style both sit at 5-1, while in Europe, both Team Endpoint and The Juicy Kids are 4-2).

With the inaugural season of the Rivals Series coming to a close, here’s a look at how we got to this point, what to expect from the games this weekend, and where each team can/will end up after the dust has settled.

For a full breakdown of the North American schedule (with results), please check here

For a full breakdown of the European schedule (with results), please check here.

How did we get here?

North America

Week in and week out, the best team in North America has been Fibeon Esports. The trio of Chicago, Zolhay, and Hato was expected to threaten for an RLCS spot at the play-in, but a loss to Allegiance (formerly Emotion) in the final series of the day sent them to the Rivals Series.

They’ve taken down every opponent they’ve faced so far, typically in convincing fashion. Only Ambition Esports forced them to a five game series, and two teams (Incognito and Myth Gaming (formerly Premature Superhero Cops)) were swept by Fibeon. Even if they’re swept by Hollywood Hammers this week, the lowest they can finish is second place, which will send them to the promotion playoff, where they’ll have a chance to get promoted to the RLCS for Season Five.

The second place spot in the Rivals Series is completely up for grabs, as Hollywood Hammers (formerly Set To Destroy X) now find themselves at the mercy of their opponents after a loss to Out of Style last week. They took down every other opponent they faced, only needing a game five once (against Incognito), but were swept by Out of Style in their last match of the week. Now, they’ll head into a matchup with Fibeon, and could very easily find themselves on the outside looking in. They’ll need to match (or better) Out of Style’s win percentage next week, or else Hollywood Hammers will finish the season in third place.

Out of Style lost to Fibeon in the first week of the season, but haven’t looked back since, beating every other opponent they’ve faced and improving to 5-1 as they head into a final matchup with Myth Gaming. Last week was huge for Lachinio, JSTN, and EPICJonny, as they slipped past Incognito, 3-2, then swept Hollywood Hammers and set themselves up to finish in one of the top two spots in the league. If they come away with a better win percentage than Hollywood Hammers this weekend, they’ll take second place. If not, they’ll be stuck in the Rivals Series for yet another season.

The battle for fourth place will be between Myth Gaming, Ambition Esports, and Kinematics. With fourth place getting to keep a spot in the Rivals Series for next season, and fifth through eighth place needing to re-qualify, these three teams will definitely be looking to secure fourth place.

Myth Gaming has already beaten Kinematics, though they lost to Ambition Esports. A win over Out of Style will certainly help, but where they finish depends on how Ambition performs (more on this later).

Ambition Esports may have a 2-3 record, but their three losses were against Fibeon, Hollywood Hammers, and Out of Style. They get to play Incognito and Kinematics this weekend – if they sweep each opponent, then they clinch fourth place, and there’s nothing Myth Gaming can do.

At the bottom of the league standings are Incognito and Cypher. Cypher was disqualified from the RLRS after it was discovered that Atomic had been playing on Dooble’s account (more information here), while Incognito’s only “victory” comes against the disqualified Cypher roster.


The best team in Europe’s Rivals Series, by far, has been The Leftovers. With a roster containing two players who finished fourth overall in Season Three (Snaski, Sikii), and one player who was a member of the World Champion Northern Gaming roster (Maestro), one would honestly expect nothing less.

This roster certainly had something to prove after losing to Aeriality (now Team Secret) at the play-in, and they’ve done just that, dominating opponents and finishing with a +16 goal differential through 15 games, they highest differential in Europe. Their final matchup is against Team Endpoint – don’t be surprised to see The Leftovers improve to 7-0, and qualify for next season’s RLCS.

The battle for second place comes down to The Juicy Kids and Team Endpoint, though Endpoint certainly has their work cut out for them. Victories over ExRay, Supersonic Avengers, Golden Hawks, and eRa Eternity (formerly Soul Gaming and Most Wanted) put them clearly in the upper half of the league, but losses to Inspiration and The Juicy Kids leave them in a tough spot headed into the final week, as a matchup against The Leftovers looms large.

The Juicy Kids have been the second best team in Europe’s Rivals Series for the majority of the season, but a loss to ExRay put their season in doubt. They beat every other team they faced (except for The Leftovers), and can clinch second place this week if they beat the Supersonic Avengers, and finish with a higher win percentage than Team Endpoint.

The battle for fourth place comes down to eRa Eternity and ExRay, as each team carries a 3-3 record into their week five matchup against each other. This one is simple – win your final match of the season, qualify for next season. Lose, and you’ll have to re-qualify.

The rest of the league consists of the Supersonic Avengers, Inspiration, and the Golden Hawks. Supersonic Avengers have picked up wins over ExRay and Golden Hawks, but lost every other match they’ve been in. Inspiration upset Team Endpoint and beat Supersonic Avengers, but can’t make fourth place (even with a victory over Golden Hawks this week) due to their losses to every other team they’ve played. The Golden Hawks are 0-6, and will likely finish 0-7; a victory over Inspiration this week would be quite the upset.

What’s going to happen this week?

North America

There are four matches in North America this week, and all four will have a major impact on the final standings. They are…

  • Ambition Esports vs. Kinematics
  • Fibeon Esports vs. Hollywood Hammers
  • Ambition Esports vs. Incognito
  • Out of Style vs. Myth Gaming

There are two separate battles for standings position that will be ongoing. Fibeon has already clinched a top two finish, while Incognito and Cypher have been eliminated, but five other teams still have their fates up in the air. For top two, we will see Hollywood Hammers vs. Out of Style, and for top four, we will see Myth Gaming vs. Ambition Esports vs. Kinematics. Here’s a look at each team’s playoff scenarios.

Hollywood Hammers

Clinched Top Four. Their fate really is in their own hands, as they just have to match Out of Style’s win percentage in order to clinch Top Two. Remembering that Hollywood Hammers plays first, here’s a look at some scenarios in which Hammers take first or second place:

  • Hollywood Hammers lose to Fibeon, 0-3 AND Out of Style loses to Myth Gaming, 0-3.
  • Hollywood Hammers lose to Fibeon, 1-3 AND Out of Style loses to Myth Gaming, 1-3 (or worse).
  • Hollywood Hammers lose to Fibeon, 2-3, AND Out of Style loses to Myth Gaming, 2-3 (or worse).
  • Hollywood Hammers defeat Fibeon, 3-2 AND Out of Style defeats Myth Gaming 3-2, or loses to Myth Gaming.
  • Hollywood Hammers defeat Fibeon, 3-1 AND Out of Style defeats Myth Gaming 3-1 or 3-2, or loses to Myth Gaming.
  • Hollywood Hammers defeat Fibeon 3-0.

Out of Style

Clinched Top Four. They’ll probably be the favorites to finish Top Two, given that Hollywood Hammers have to play Fibeon, while they get to play Myth Gaming. Still, they have to be BETTER than Hammers, or else they’ll finish third. Here’s a look at some scenarios where Out of Style can claim second place.

  • If Hollywood Hammers sweep Fibeon, Out of Style is eliminated.
  • If Hollywood Hammers beat Fibeon 3-1, Out of Style MUST sweep Myth Gaming.
  • If Hollywood Hammers beat Fibeon 3-2, Out of Style must beat Myth Gaming 3-1 (or better).
  • If Hollywood Hammers lose to Fibeon 2-3, Out of Style must beat Myth Gaming.
  • If Hollywood Hammers lose to Fibeon 1-3, Out of Style must beat Myth Gaming OR lose 2-3.
  • If Hollywood Hammers are swept by Fibeon, Out of Style must win at least one game against Myth Gaming (1-3 or better).

Myth Gaming

Cannot clinch Top Two. Unfortunately for them, they’re fate isn’t entirely in their own hands – if Ambition Esports sweep Kinematics and Incognito, then Myth will fall to fifth place. Still, they can help their case – winning their series puts both Ambition and Kinematics in a rough spot, where they’ll each have to win (by convincing margins) in order to knock Myth out of the Top Four. For a full look at the scenarios, (which are too complex to explain one at a time), please look here.

Ambition Esports

Cannot clinch Top Two. Ambition holds their fate in their hands, as they can punch their ticket to the top four if they sweep Kinematics and Incognito. If they don’t sweep their opponents, they can still finish in the Top Four if they out-perform Myth Gaming in a variety of scenarios – essentially, they have to finish with a higher win percentage than Myth. For a full look at the scenarios, please look here.


Cannot clinch Top Two. Their Top Four fate depends on how other teams perform, but they can help themselves out by beating Ambition. Then, if Myth Gaming lose, and Ambition fall to Incognito, Kinematics will qualify – if Myth or Ambition win at least one game, however, then there’s no way for Kinematics to finish in the Top Four.


There are four matchups in the final week of European action, as follows:

  • eRa Eternity vs. ExRay
  • Inspiration vs. Golden Hawks
  • The Juicy Kids vs. Supersonic Avengers
  • The Leftovers vs. Endpoint

Only three teams can finish in the Top Two; The Leftovers (who have already clinched first place), Team Endpoint, and The Juicy Kids. Only two teams can finish in the fourth remaining spot in the Top Four – eRa Eternity and ExRay. Here’s a look at the scenarios for each of the teams.

Team Endpoint

If Team Endpoint wants to finish in the top two, they’ll have their work cut out for them. Their final matchup of the season is against The Leftovers, and it would be a monumental upset if Endpoint managed to come away with a victory.

Still, they can finish in second place so long as one of the following scenarios happens.

  • The Juicy Kids lose their series 2-3, and Team Endpoint wins AT LEAST one game in their series.
  • The Juicy Kids lose their series.
  • Team Endpoint wins their series.

The Juicy Kids

The Juicy Kids can’t completely control their fate; if Team Endpoint beats The Leftovers, then The Juicy Kids are stuck in third place. There’s a pretty good chance that Team Endpoint loses to The Leftovers, though, so The Juicy Kids really just have to win their series against the Supersonic Avengers. If The Juicy Kids lose, Team Endpoint needs to take just one game off of The Leftovers in order to qualify for the promotion playoff.

eRa Eternity and ExRay

These two teams have the simplest seeding scenario – both teams currently have a 3-3 record, and they face each other in the final week of the season. The winner finishes in fourth place, and qualifies for next season automatically. The loser will have to re-qualify.