Juicy Kids and Leftovers highlight Rivals Series Week Two action

Last week, we saw the two titans of Europe’s Rivals Series both start out undefeated, as both The Juicy Kids and The Leftovers put together dominant performances that saw that rise to the top of the standings.

On the North American side, we saw a strong Fibeon roster start out undefeated, while Naventic surprised many with their win over Premature Superhero Cops.

This week promises to be just as exciting, with a plethora of exciting matchups on the schedule for us to enjoy. Here’s a quick breakdown of each match, and what to expect from the teams this weekend.


The Juicy Kids (2-0) vs. Inspiration (0-1)

How they did last week: The Juicy Kids swept the Golden Hawks (formerly eHawkerz) and Most Wanted (formerly Soul Gaming) while Inspiration was swept by The Leftovers.

What Elo predicts: The Juicy Kids are the Elo favorites in this matchup, with a 1590.5 team rating, compared to Inspiration’s 1527.5 rating. That gives them a 66.7 percent chance of taking down Inspiration.

Player to watch: Killerno7 currently leads the RLRS (both regions) with an astonishing 1.67 goals per game. Look for him to lead the way for The Juicy Kids on the offensive side of the pitch.

ExRay (0-0) vs. Golden Hawks (0-1)

How they did last week: The Golden Hawks (formerly eHawkerz) were swept by The Juicy Kids. ExRay (formerly BoonkGang) did not play last week.

What Elo predicts: The Golden Hawks are Elo favorites, with a 1511.6 rating besting ExRay’s 1457.1 rating. This gives them a 64.4 percent chance of winning the series.

Player to watch: GCR710 was phenomenal at the play-in, essentially carrying his team into the RLRS. Though all three players from the Golden Hawks struggled last week, GCR only averaged 181.67 score per game – look for him to be a much improved player this week.

Inspiration (0-1) vs. Team Endpoint (0-1)

How they did last week: Inspiration was swept by The Leftovers, and Team Endpoint did not play.

What Elo predicts: A 1527.2 rating gives Inspiration the advantage here, as Team Endpoint only carries a 1492 rating into the series. This gives Inspiration a 59.3 percent chance of winning the series.

Player to watch: Shakahron from Team Endpoint is an intriguing player. His teammates, Cheerio and Tinny, have been playing competitive Rocket League for quite some time now, but Shakahron is relatively new to the scene, and he’s already helped the team win the Gfinity Elite Series. It will be interesting to see how Shakahron performs.

The Juicy Kids (2-0) vs. The Leftovers (2-0)

How they did last week: The Juicy Kids swept the Golden Hawks (formerly eHawkerz) and Most Wanted (formerly Soul Gaming), while The Leftovers swept Inspiration and beat the Supersonic Avengers, 3-1.

What Elo predicts: The Leftovers are noticeable Elo favorites, with their 1659.7 rating being well above The Juicy Kids rating of 1590.5. This gives The Leftovers a 67.9 percent chance of winning the series, and all but cementing themselves in first place for Europe’s RLRS. The winner of this series will most likely go on to finish in first place in the Rivals Series.

Player to watch: Though Killerno7 leads the Rivals Series in goals, Sikii leads in assists, averaging an impressive 1.43 assists per game so far. Sikii also leads all European players in score per game, and The Juicy Kids will have to find a way to slow Sikii down if they want a chance at beating The Leftovers.

North America

Premature Superhero Cops (1-1) vs. Kinematics (0-1)

How they did last week: Premature Superhero Cops dropped their first series against Naventic, but bounced back to sweep Incognito. Kinematics dropped their series against Fibeon, 1-3.

What Elo predicts: This is certainly the closest series of the week, as Kinematics have a 1501.0 rating, while the Premature Superhero Cops have a 1499.3 rating. That slight advantage gives Kinematics a projected 50.6 chance of winning the series.

Player to watch: Genocop was the most dangerous offensive player in North America last week, leading the way with an average of 1.29 goals per game. If Kinematics want to come away with a victory, they’ll have to find a way to slow him down.

Ambition Esports (0-0) vs. Naventic (1-0)

How they did last week: Naventic took down Premature Superhero Cops to start out the season 1-0, while Ambition did not play.

What Elo predicts: Elo is really not a fan of Ambition, giving them just a 1431.8 rating. Naventic comes into this matchup with a 1494.0 rating, giving Naventic a 66.3 percent chance of winning this matchup.

Player to watch: Dooble leads all Rivals Series players in score per game, racking up points through goals, assists, saves, and shots. He’s a force to be reckoned with, and Ambition will have to slow him down if they want to beat Naventic.

Set To Destroy X (0-0) vs. Kinematics (0-1)

How they did last week: Kinematics fell to Fibeon, 1-3, while Set To Destroy X did not play.

What Elo predicts: Set To Destroy X is North America’s strongest RLRS team, boasting a 1561.4 rating. Kinematics, on the other hand, sits at 1501.0. This gives Set To Destroy X a 65.6 percent chance of winning the series.

Player to watch: Every player on Set To Destroy X could be listed as a player to watch. They have high expectations placed on them due to their position in RLCS last season, and look for them to deliver in their opening RLRS match.

Premature Superhero Cops (1-1) vs. Fibeon (2-0)

How they did last week: Premature Superhero Cops fell to Naventic 1-3, but swept Naventic, while Fibeon beat both Kinematics and Out of Style by a score of 3-1.

What Elo predicts: Fibeon is the favorite in this matchup, with a 1561.1 rating, compared to the 1499.3 rating for Premature Superhero Cops. This gives Fibeon a 66.2 percent chance of taking home the victory.

Player to watch: Chicago is third in the RLRS in score per game, so he’ll definitely be the player to watch in this matchup. Chicago’s own personal matchup with Genocop (4th in the RLRS in score per game) will be fascinating to watch, and the winner of that matchup will likely propel their team to victory.