Rivals Series: The Leftovers, Fibeon remain undefeated

Rocket League Rivals Series action continued this week, as North American and European teams continued in their quest to advance into the Rocket League Championship Series. Both regions showcased some high level Rocket League; here’s a breakdown of the action.


The Juicy Kids (3) vs. Inspiration (0)

With their win over Inspiration, The Juicy Kids started their season off 3-0 with three sweeps, giving them a 9-0 record in individual games. They’re clearly a level above the majority of the Rivals Series, and it shows in the majority of their matches.

Inspiration struggled to get anything going, with Lauty and Sebadam combining for just one goal over the three game series. Killerno7, on the other hand, proved (yet again) that he’s an RLCS caliber player, racking up three goals and five assists over the course of the series.

ExRay (3) vs. Golden Hawks (2)

This series could be accurately described as the EyeIgnite/GCR710 show, as the two constantly battled to turn the tide of games over the course of the series. EyeIgnite piled an astonishing 26 shots on goal, put GCR710 finished with an equally impressive 17 saves. At the end of the day, the offensive explosion from ExRay (MummiSnow added 15 shots, and Skyline added 19) was just too much for the Golden Hawks, and ExRay ended up with the victory.

Inspiration (3) vs. Team Endpoint (1)

After falling to The Juicy Kids earlier in the day, Inspiration bounced back with a victory over Team Endpoint. Lauty and Flakes were the stars of the series, with Lauty providing the defense and Flakes providing the offense. Endpoint actually finished with more shots on goal (35-24), but their 18.2 percent shooting percentage prevented them from picking up the victory.

The Leftovers (3) vs. The Juicy Kids (1)

The Juicy Kids may be a level above the rest of the Rivals Series, but The Leftovers showed that they’re a level above the Juicy Kids. Sikii in particular was fantastic, averaging 367.50 score per game and finishing the four game series with 11 total saves.

This win cements The Leftovers atop the standings, and all but guarantees they’ll be one of the two teams advancing to the promotion/relegation playoff at the end of the season – none of their remaining opponents pose that much of a threat.

North America

Premature Superhero Cops (3) vs. Kinematics (2)

Premature Superhero Cops improved to 2-1 with their reverse sweep of Kinematics, as they finished off a close series with a convincing 4-0 victory in game five. Genocop was the team’s MVP yet again, as his defensive prowess (and 12 saves) ended up being the difference in the series.

Naventic (3) vs. Ambition Esports (1)

(Note: It’s recently been brought to the league’s attention that Atomic has been playing in RLRS games under Dooble’s account, and the team has been banned as a result. For more information, check the official RLCS website. This recap was written before the bans occurred. )

The most under-the-radar player in the Rivals Series up to this point is, without a doubt, Dooble (or, apparently, Atomic). He ranks fourth in goals per game, fifth in score per game, and first in MVPs per game. In fact, in the six games his team has won, he’s been the MVP, showing that he’s been the biggest factor in Naventic’s surprise 2-0 start.

Dooble (again, actually Atomic) was excellent against Ambition, averaging 357.50 score per game, a full 100 more than the next player. Though Naventic has yet to play teams like Fibeon and Set To Destroy X, their 2-0 start is impressive, and they’ll be a team to watch going forward.

(Note: Or they’ll get banned for cheating!)

Set To Destroy X (3) vs. Kinematics (1)

Set To Destroy is North America’s only RLCS team to fall into the Rivals Series, and their experience on Rocket League’s biggest stage certainly paid off in their opening series, as they took down Kinematics 3-1. All three players average over 300 score per game, as they put together a strong performance to start their Rivals Series season.

Kinematics, on the other hand, fell to 0-3. Though they’ve already played their two toughest opponents (Fibeon and Set To Destroy X), they’ll have a lot of work to do if they even want to finish in the top half of the Rivals Series.

Fibeon (3) vs. Premature Superhero Cops (0)

Fibeon continues their dominance of the Rivals Series with a victory over Premature Superhero Cops, as they improved to 3-0 with their strong performance this weekend.

Premature Superhero Cops fall to 2-2, and though they’ve still got a chance at finishing in the top half of the league, it would be surprising to see them finish in one of the top two spots.