Universal Open: Fibeon Esports and SizzleUrCob advance to Grand Finals

After yesterday’s exciting Midwest Regional, expectations were high for today’s Universal Open 2v2 West Regional. The final two spots in the Grand Finals were up for grabs, and this regional had the potential to be the most competitive – between SizzleUrCob, Fibeon, and SetToDestroyX, there were three teams more than capable of claiming one of the top two spots.

Here’s a breakdown of the day’s action.


TeamPlayer 1Player 2
RecoveryUrbanCam B
Nova EsportsReplitzWorks
Team FinesseKazooSadKoala
ChickensTwice The TangViking
SlothsPreMPerched Peach



The West Regional was the regional of sweeps, with six of the seven series played ending in a sweep. SizzleUrCob and Fibeon breezed through their competition before meeting up in the final series.

SizzleUrCob was particularly dominant, outscoring Recovery 9-0 and outscoring SetToDestroyX 14-5. They qualified for Santa Anna in a mere five games, outscoring their opponents (including one team where both players have RLCS experience) by a combined score of 23-5. That’s insane, and definitely makes them one of the favorites to win the title.

On the other side of the bracket, Fibeon outscored Nova 7-2 and outscored Chickens 14-3, for a combined score of 21-5. Overall, it was clear that Fibeon and SizzleUrCob were the best two teams at the regional, and it will be exciting to see what each one can do at the Grand Finals in Santa Anna.

The closest series all day was the final one between SizzleUrCob and Fibeon, though the series had no real impact other than seeding. Though the Fibeon duo managed to keep things close (and even stole Game 3), they ended up falling to Sizz and Jacob.

The Grand Finals will be on August 25th and 26th, in Santa Anna, California. Per the FaceIt stream today, here are the sixteen teams that will be attending.


For more information, visit the official Universal Open blog page.