Universal Open: Grand Finals will crown 2v2 champions

After a two month long process to separate the best 16 2v2 teams from the rest of the pack, NBC’s Universal Open will finally come to a conclusion this weekend. The best 12 teams from North America and the top 4 European teams have made their way to Santa Anna, California, where they’ll compete for their share of a $100,000 prize pool and the title of Universal Open Champions.

Early favorites to take home the crown include SizzleUrCob (Sizz and Jacob), Cloud 9 (Squishy and Torment), G2-A (Rizzo and Kronovi), Gale Force Esports (Kaydop and ViolentPanda) and Flipsid3 Tactics (Markydooda and Kuxir97).

Here’s the full list of teams, as well as Elo ratings for each team. Four players (GoRocksGo, JUrbanGaming, jbruno812, and Jahzo) did not have previous ratings, and were assigned the default rating of 500.

TeamPlayer 1Player 1 EloPlayer 2Player 2 EloTeam Elo
Gale Force EsportsKaydop597.8ViolentPanda596.21194
Cloud 9Squishy585.2Torment588.91174.1
Mock-It Esportspaschy90585.9Fairy Peak578.51164.4
Flipsid3 TacticsMarkydooda569.2Kuxir97576.11145.3
G2 EsportsRizzo551.3Kronovi548.21099.5
Ghost GamingKlassux516.7Lethamyr503.61020.3
Ambition EsportsPrimeThunder488.9Wonder482.6971.5

Using these team Elo ratings, The Half Flip has prepared a bracket for the Universal Open. It is assumed that every series is best of five. The team slated to win is highlighted in green, with their percentage chance of advancing shown in parentheses next to the team name.

Here’s how the winner’s bracket is expected to play out.


Here’s how the loser’s bracket is expected to play out.

The heavy favorites headed into the Universal Open are Gale Force Esports, as Kaydop and ViolentPanda have established themselves as one of the best duos in the world with their play over the summer.

The trio of Kaydop, ViolentPanda, and Turbopolsa managed to place first or second in every major tournament they appeared in since the team’s formation after RLCS Season 3, and the synergy between Kaydop and ViolentPanda is a huge reason for this – they’ll definitely be the team to beat.

Cloud 9 is likely the best North American team at the event, and is one of the three teams (Flipsid3 Tactics and NRG being the other two) that have beaten Gale Force at an event.

The broadcast on Twitch starts at 7PM Eastern Standard Time, while the broadcast on NBCSN starts at midnight. More details can be found here.