Universal Open: DapG and Splyce qualify for grand finals

While the first group of North American teams duked it out in an Open Qualifier to advance to the next round of Rocket League Championship Series qualifications, other professional players were competing in the Universal 2v2 Open.

The Universal Open (which is NBC’s first foray into esports) has had ongoing qualifiers for the past couple of weeks, culminating in the regional play-ins that have been ongoing the past two weeks.

Last week, G2 Esports took both spots in the East Regional, as Rizzo and Stev (subbing for JKnaps) cruised through Actually Toxic and The Leftovers NA to secure a spot for G2-A in the Grand Finals, while Kronovi and team manager Jahzo battled past Empyreal and Ascension to punch G2-B’s ticket to the Grand Finals.

In the Northeast regional, the red-hot Cloud 9 duo of Squishy and Torment breezed through the competition, going an impressive 8-0 en route to qualifying for the Grand Finals. Ambition Esports (consisting of PrimeThunder and Wonder) bested Goomba Squad and Onslaught Esports in order to advance to Santa Anna, though they fell to Cloud 9 in the regional finals.

This week promised more exciting 2v2 action, and Day 1 certainly did not disappoint. Here’s how the Midwest Regional played out.


TeamPlayer APlayer B
Splyce GamingPlutoKarma
Hype GamingSavvySealBork
Mechanical GamingKelloGGRapid



DapG struggled early, with own goals and timid play almost knocking them out of the tournament in the quarterfinals. Mechanical Gaming took Dappur and GarrettG all the way to Game 3, and even then, they were with one goal of DapG until the final minute. Overall, this was an excellent performance from Mechanical Gaming, though GarrettG wasn’t too happy with his own performance.

DapG would bounce back in time for their second series, however, and dispatched Eanix 3-1 to clinch their spot in Santa Anna. They would then go on to beat Splyce by the same series score, and earn higher seeding headed into the Grand Finals.

Splyce also struggled early, as RVP and Kri0s pushed Pluto and Karma all the way to the final minutes of Game 3, where Splyce had to score two goals in the final 1:30 in order to come away with the win.

Splyce had a bit less trouble against Runaway, as they clinched their Santa Anna tickets with a 3-1 victory over Laz and PlantingCargo.

The West Regional is tomorrow, starting at 1:30 PM Eastern Time. For more information, visit the Rocket League website.