Universal Open: West Regional action will send final two teams to Santa Anna

Up to this point, we’ve had 14 teams qualify for the Grand Finals of the Universal Open 2v2 tournament. G2-A (Rizzo and JKnaps) and G2-B (Kronovi and Jahzo) qualified through the East Regional, while Cloud 9 (Squishy and Torment) and Ambition Esports (PrimeThunder and Wonder) advanced with their play in the Northeast Regional.

Yesterday, DapG (Dappur and GarrettG) and Splyce (Pluto and Karma) punched their tickets via the Midwest Regional, and eight other teams (four North American and four European) have qualified via online regionals.

The final two teams will qualify for the Grand Finals today, as the West Regional kicks off at 1:30 PM Eastern Time. The four most notable teams at the event are SizzleUrCob (Sizz and Jacob), Set To Destroy (Lachinio and Halcyon), and Fibeon (Chicago and Hato).

Of the three, Sizz and Jacob have the highest combined ratings, coming in at 1065.5 in Elo. Chicago and Hato come in at a respectable 1048.5, while Lachinio and Halcyon come in at 1034.1.

Both STDx and Fibeon will be slight underdogs against SizzleUrCob, but the matches should still be close. Taking the team ratings and averaging out to 1500 (by multiplying by 1.5), we see that Interlude still has a 43 percent chance of taking down Sizz and Jacob, while Fibeon sits at a respectable 47.5 percent.

The broadcast starts at 1:30 PM Eastern Time on Face It. For more information, visit the Rocket League official website.